Lana Del Rey Covers ‘Once Upon A Dream’ For Disney’s Maleficent (Listen Here)

Lana Del Rey is definitely a favorite here at HOTM so you should have seen the excitement on our faces when it was announced that she was releasing a new song!

The song itself is a cover of the Disney classic “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty and Lana totally kills it!

Lana Del Rey Covers 'Once Upon A Dream' For Disney's Maleficent (Listen Here)

The cover is the title track of Disney’s newest upcoming flick “Maleficent” and it is being reported that LDR was hand picked by the film’s star Angelina Jolie.

Who would have thought Angie was a Lana Del Rey fan!?

Her slow and eerie take on the song fits perfectly with the Disney film’s darker tone. I mean, who does haunting vocals better than Lana?

Listen to the song in the new Maleficent trailer below…

I think Lana may have found her calling: Movie soundtracks. She has already done “Young and Beautiful” for The Great Gatsby and now this film, what’s next?

I just hope she gets crackin’ on her next album. I really don’t know how much longer I can wait!

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