Lana Del Rey Got Car Jacked… TWICE!

I think it’s time for Lana Del Rey to get some security or a dog or something.

Recently it was reported that the singer’s Malibu home was broken into by an “infatuated” 19-year-old fan, but now we’re learning that she also had TWO of her cars stolen last month!

Lana Del Rey Got Car Jacked... TWICE!

According to the police report, a woman by the name of Icess Floyd broke into Lana’s home in early November and lived in it for a few days while she was away.

Law enforcement says Icess then stole the singer’s 2013 Jaguar XK convertible, but later ended up getting it impounded!

Then the crazy bitch decided to return to Lana’s pad and stole ANOTHER car! This time a 2015 F-Type Jag!

She was later busted by police for an outstanding traffic warrant and Lana’s car once again got impounded.

Floyd was booked on 2 counts of burglary and 2 counts of felony joyriding.

Luckily for Lana, both cars were returned.

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