Leo DiCaprio Gets BEAR Raped In New Film?

So apparently there’s this rumor going around that in Leonardo DiCaprio‘s new film, “The Revenant,” there’s a scene where Leo gets RAPED by a bear… twice!

Leo DiCaprio Gets BEAR Raped In New Film?

Wait, what!? Apparently, after a few test screening of the film, a number of viewers were left with the impression that Leo had been violated by the animal.

Since then, word of the bear rape has been floating around the internet and the studio is trying to shut it down.

“The bear in the film is a female who attacks [Leo] because she feels he might be threatening her cubs … there is clearly no rape scene with a bear,” said a FOX spokesperson.

Poor Leo DiCaprio, you know it’s going to be twice as hard to get that Oscar now that everyone thinks he’s getting raped by a wild animal.

The internet is such a strange, cruel place.

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