Leslie Jones Hacked! NUDE Photos Released!

Ghostbusters” star Leslie Jones is the subject of yet another racist attack AND a nude photo scandal!

The actress has been HACKED and all of her personal information has been posted including her ID, Driver’s License, passport and some very explicit nudes.

Leslie Jones Hacked! NUDE Photos Released!

And as if the violation of her privacy wasn’t enough, the hacker posted a video of Harambe at the top of her website… what the hell is wrong with people?

According to reports, the a**hole most likely gained all of Leslie’s information by hacking into her phone or iCloud.

This isn’t the first time racist trolls have come for the SNL performer. Just this summer Leslie left Twitter after a slew of haters began posting discriminatory comments (some including pictures of gorillas) about her during the “Ghostbusters” release.

Leslie has yet to comment on the situation. Hopefully she can bounce back from this horrible experience!

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