Lindsay Lohan Is FINALLY Off Probation! Congrats!

Lindsay Lohan Is FINALLY Off Probation! Congrats!Today, pigs flew and Hell froze over because Lindsay Lohan has officially done the impossible… No, she hasn’t revived her acting career.

After almost 8 years, Lindsay “Hot Mess Supreme” Lohan is FINALLY off her probation!

8 years!

Lindsay’s long suffering lawyer Shawn Holley made the announcement today that the judge has signed off on Lindsay’s 125 hours of community service, saving her from some serious jail time.

Being the professional procrastinator she is, Lohan waited until the very last minute to do her court mandated duties, churning out 8 hour days, everyday for over 2 weeks!

But now after so many years of endless court struggles, countless chances and plenty of run-ins with the law, Linds is now free to f*ck up all over again.

Congrats Lindsay!

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