Lindsay Lohan Might Be Faking Her Pregnancy

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly pregnant with her now-ex fiance’s child, but rumor has it that she might be faking the whole thing!

After a huge blow up over the weekend between Lohan and her ex Egor Tarabasov, it seems like the “Mean Girls” star might be trying anything to get her Greek “millionaire” back.

Lindsay Lohan Might Be Faking Her Pregnancy

If you haven’t heard, Lindsay and Egor got into a HUGE fight on Sunday and the whole thing was caught on film!

In the video, Lindsay is heard screaming while on a balcony, “Please, please, please. He just strangled me. He almost killed me.”

These two have been a hot mess for a while and just last week Lindsay took to Instagram to expose her then fiance of cheating and partying with a Russian hooker.

So either he’s a total sleaze or she’s off her rocker crazy… I’d put my money on both.

“He broke up with Lindsay and is refusing to take her calls,” reveals a source. “He’s done with all this drama.”

And to top it all off, Lindsay’s always available father Michael Lohan has revealed to the media that she’s preggo.

He says she texted him with the news saying, “Daddy, I’m pregnant.”

Well apparently, Lindsay’s been telling everyone she’s knocked up and is desperate to get back with Egor. But an insider claims she might just be saying it for attention.

In fact, she was just spotted hanging out on a yacht with socialite friend Hofit Golan while smoking cigarettes… you know because that’s totally a pregnant woman thing to do.

When asked about Lindsay’s smoking, Michael told Page Six, “Well, people smoke when they’re pregnant. People drink when they’re pregnant. Lindsay doesn’t drink … I’m very proud of her because through this whole thing most people might have relapsed. They might have had a drink or taken pills or something. She stayed clean and sober through this whole situation.”

Um, wait what? No! She should not be smoking if she’s carrying a child!

Let’s all just hope she’s faking it.

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