Lindsay Lohan Still Thinks She’s Engaged

At this point I think it’s safe to say Lindsay Lohan is NOT pregnant, but is she still be walking down the aisle?

Despite having a huge blowout with Egor Tarabasov, sources say Lindsay is still very much engaged… or at least that’s what she’s telling people.

Lindsay Lohan Still Thinks She's Engaged

Apparently in Lindsay’s mind, she and Egor are still going to get married and that the fight was nothing to end their relationship over.

Lindsay has been photographed wearing her engagement ring while she’s been drinking and smoking (I seriously hope she’s not pregnant) all week on her friend’s yacht.

Insiders close to Lindsay say she needs to stop making excuses for Egor’s anger issues and outbursts. Even if they do get back together, her friends don’t think the relationship will last for much long after.

As for what Egor wants, last we heard he was refusing to talk to Lindsay and wouldn’t respond to anyone connected to her.

And who says true love is dead?

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