Lindsay Lohan Suffers Major Photoshop FAIL! (Photo)

Lindsay Lohan Suffers Major Photoshop FAIL! (Photo)Lindsay Lohan joins a number of celebrities trying and epicly failing to pass off their photoshopped pics as real on social media!

Last night, Lindsay posted this selfie on Instagram showing off her body in Calvin Klein underwear and a long-sleeve crop top.

Also in the photo she revealed her awkwardly shaped ass, super thin waist and warped shampoo bottles… yupp, that’s photoshop for you.

She captioned the photo with, “#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya hehe”

Surprisingly this isn’t the most photoshopped photo featuring Calvin Klein underwear… *cough-cough* Justin Bieber.

Also for those wondering: No, Lindsay is not drunk typing the word “chihuahua” and no, she’s not trying to fight one off.

The star claims she caught Chikungunya, a virus contracted by mosquito that causes fever, joint pain and fatigue, and that’s why she has gotten so behind on her community service… okay Linds.

Anyhoo back to the photo, Lindsay really should have learned from the mistakes of Britney Spears and Beyonce’s Thigh Gap scandal!

I’m sure you have some money left Linds, hire a professional to do the photoshopping from now on.

The Close Up:

Lindsay Lohan Suffers Major Photoshop FAIL! (Photo)

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