Mariah Carey’s Reality Show Is Going To Be A Mess

News broke yesterday that Mariah Carey was getting her own reality show on E!, but now we’re hearing that her team is worried about the project.

They believe Mariah is WAY too big of a star (or way too f*ckng crazy) to do a reality show and fear that it could send her career into a tail spin!

Mariah Carey's Reality Show Is Going To Be A Mess

“Someone of Mariah’s stature should not be doing this. Whitney Houston did a reality show and that was the real end of it. We hope that it doesn’t end up being like when Whitney did ‘Being Bobby Brown,’” a source close to the diva reveals.

It’s true, even though we all knew Whitney was a hot mess, we had no idea to what extent until we watched her crazy ass on her show.

I’ll forever remember Whitney standing out there in the driveway screaming, “Bobbayyyy!”

The source says Mariah’s manager Stella Bulochnikov is the mastermind behind the show. They add that the singer is so in love with her fiancé James Packer that she doesn’t even care about what’s going on in her professional life.

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“Mariah’s amazing and treats people with the utmost respect and kindness and Stella is the total opposite. She comes from producing reality TV and calls herself the Russian dictator,” says the insider.

And just in case you’re doubting the source’s claim that Bulochnikov is a Bulochni-bitch, here’s what she told Page Six when they asked for a comment:

“If you’re trying to get into my good graces, you’re doing a wonderful job. Feel free to write whatever the f - - k you want, so all three of your readers can be amused . . . F - - k off and lose my number. You are an idiot. Mariah is on fire.”

Ha! So will you guys be watching Mariah’s show? Do you think it’ll be a shit show like “Being Bobby Brown” was?

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