One Direction Is NEVER Getting Back Together

Sorry Directioners, it doesn’t look like that One Direction hiatus is coming to an end anytime soon!

Apparently, the boys have been really enjoying their freedom since the split and some of them aren’t even speaking to each other.

One Direction Is NEVER Getting Back Together

A lot has changed for the boys since they made the announcement of a “one year” hiatus last August.

Louis Tomlinson became a dad, former member Zayn Malik made a pretty successful transition into his solo career, Harry Styles is reportedly taking a dip in the acting pond and Liam Payne and Niall Horan… well um I’m sure they’ve got stuff going on too.

“All four are loving their own solo freedom,” reveals a source. “The fans have hoped that the group would honor their announcement of returning within 12 months, but that is a long way off and the boys are not even on track to mention a comeback.”

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The insider also reveals that Harry and Louis were not even on speaking terms when the band decided to take a break and that silence has continued to this day.

And for anyone who was still holding out hope for a reunion this year, just know that Harry’s got his eye on that Justin Timberlake status.

Rumor has it that Harry is extremely jealous of Zayn’s rise to fame as a solo artist and wants to beat him with his acting abilities.

Styles is allegedly set to star (have a small cameo) in an upcoming WWII film called Dunkirk, alongside heavy-hitters Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy.

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According to the insdider, Harry’s L.A. manager Jeffrey Azamoff is “determined to make Harry a superstar as he believes he has the popularity and talent to be the next Justin Timberlake.”

“The project will take at least three years for Harry, and the feeling is that 1D is very much a thing of the past.”

What do you guys think, is One Direction a thing of the past? Who do you think will become the next Justin Timberlake? Chris Kirkpatrick?

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