Orlando Bloom NUDE Paddle Boarding With Katy Perry!

Taking a cue from his arch-nemesis Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom was spotted completely NUDE with girlfriend Katy Perry yesterday in Italy!

The 39-year-old actor bared it all on a beach in Sardinia and a photog caught the whole thing!

Orlando Bloom NUDE Paddle Boarding With Katy Perry!

Orlando and Katy were photographed paddle boarding together and making out on the shore. And despite her bf’s total nakedness, Katy decided to keep her bikini on.

Surprisingly, there was at least one other person at the beach (from what we see in the photos) so I guess Orlando must’ve been pretty comfortable showing the goods.

Okay, so I know you could care less about my commentary and are just looking for the nudes! Check out Orlando in all his naked glory at New York Daily News.

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