Ray J’s Manager Outs Yung Berg As Gay

Ray J's Manager Outs Yung Berg As GayThings are getting messy for the Love and Hip Hop cast… but then again, when isn’t it!?

Tonight on Instagram, Ray J‘s manager Wack (I’m pretty sure that’s a biblical name) called out former cast member Yung Berg, calling him an “exposed homosexual.”

The manager claims that he walked in on Berg allegedly getting it on with a teenage male! Obviously he did so with the utmost respect and decorum… yeah right.

He posted a photo of Berg with the caption, “Breaking news @hitmaka aka #YungBerg is now an exposed homosexual… Walked in the studio and seen some shit I didn’t want to see….. He’s out the closet!”

No, just because you caught him doesn’t mean he is out of the closet. Otherwise, we’d have a lot more out-of-the-closet politicians and celebrities.

“No disrespect to the Gay community there was greats that did it big but the problem I got with @hitmaka is you running around here with our Black women putting them at risk. Be who you gone be kick the closet doors down and come out switching. I can respect that a whole lot more. What you and that lil teenager was doing was out of line next time lock the F*ckn door n*gga,” he added on a second post featuring a split screen of Berg and a very flamboyant Elton John. Classy.

Of course this resulted in a number of eye-roll inducing, homophobic comments from users. Berg has yet to respond.

I feel bad that he’s being outted this way (if it is true) because we all know how anti-gay the hip hop community can be, but then again he is the same guy that beat the sh*t out of his girlfriend a few weeks ago.

I guess I’m just on team nobody this time.

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