Rihanna Parties All Night With Leo DiCaprio!

So it looks like Rihanna and Leonardo Dicaprio are back at it again! The couple was spotted together this week at a New York nightclub!

Eyewitnesses say RiRi and Leo partied it up until 3 AM at hot spot Up and Down in the West Village.

Rihanna Parties All Night With Leo DiCaprio!

It all went down Tuesday night when the “Kiss It Better” singer was seen entering the club, followed by Leo and friends just 10 minutes later.

While we all know Rihanna likes to make an entrance, Leo kept things as low key as possible, arriving at the club hiding his face under one of those Samuel L. Jackson hats.

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We’ve already seen these to getting up close and personal multiple times this year, first in Paris this January where eyewitnesses claim to see them making out. Then we saw them in April, hanging out together at the Neon Carnival party.

They were first romantically linked back in March 2015, but both sides denied a romantic relationship… Sure Jan.

What do you guys think about these two and their not so secret love affair? Are you here for Rihonardo?

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