Roberto Cavalli Calls Out Michael Kors!

In a recent interview with Haute Living Miami magazine, the Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli went in with a solid read toward Michael Kors.

“Mr. Michael Kors, he copies everything!” says the courageous designer. “It’s really a scandal and nobody has the courage to say anything. It’s really not fair.”

Roberto Cavalli Calls Out Michael Kors

Roberto continues in the interview about how is not just unhappy with Kors’ oddly similar styles of other designers, but always how he is completely fine with fast fashion.

“Now you have designers and you have Zara, which is meant to be fast and sold at a very cheap price, so you expect (copying).” Cavalli continues.

It makes no sense for Cavalli to be unimpressed with Kors’ mockery other designers while being okay with fast fashion. If my memory serves me right I can say that all fast fashion really is consists of basic designs that are ready-to-wear taken from the runway.

Mockery exists inside of fast fashion and to make matters worse fast fashion really does take a toll on the true meaning of fashion itself.

I’m not standing up for Michael Kors here because I completely agree with Cavalli about his unoriginal designs, but at the same time there are plenty of things that Cavalli has made that seem familiar and any designer for that matter.

After all Roberto does say in the interview, “Labels shouldn’t be important, it’s that fashion is too focused on labels, rather than for its quality. Labels shouldn’t be important, it’s about what you like.”

Quality is rendered invalid in fast fashion because there is not a whole lot of quality in that part of the industry. After all it really does come down to quality vs quantity and fast fashion is all about quantity, check their numbers.

The rest of the interview Cavalli states, “Fashion is just about money now. There’s no evolution. In the 18th and 19th centuries, fashion used to completely change every 20 years. Totally new silhouettes, etc. Now, there is less creativity. There’s been nothing truly new since the 1950’s, except many sneakers.”

I completely disagree with Cavalli about his statement. For starters, the reason why fashion changed so much when it began is because fashion did not exist as strongly as it does now back then. Of course things were changing back then because they had the flexibility of thinking of something other than one type of dress.

New silhouettes have been made after the 50’s and we have been very creative with our use of materials and format ever since the beginning of time. There has been very many new things made recently and I believe he is very set in the past, too set in the past to actually see the future.

Also, take his stand on how fashion is just about money now as he designs for Miley Cyrus on her Bangerz Tour. I am sure his bill was not cheap.

Overall, I believe Cavalli is just stating something that is not only obvious, saying that Michael Kors has copied and no one has really said anything. However, on top of that been a criminal of his own statement as well.

Many designers have copied others, but it was their taste that grabbed the attention of the public and it was their creativity that kept them there.

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