Ryan Murphy’s Next Anthology Series: Crawford Vs. Davis in ‘Feud’

Ryan Murphy must have sold his soul to the Devil because he just keeps pumping out hit after hit!

Following the success of American Horror Story and American Crime Story, Murphy is set to release yet another anthology series

Ryan Murphy's Next Anthology Series: Crawford Vs. Davis in 'Feud'

The new FX series will be called “Feud” and season one will tell the story of one of Hollywood’s most notorious rivalries: Joan Crawford vs. Bette Davis!

Feud will star former AHS lead Jessica Lange as Joan and Susan Sarandon as Bette as well as some Hollywood heavy-hitters Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, Judy Davis and Dominic Burgess.

The first season will chronicle the famous feud between the two Old Hollywood starlets and how in 1962 they begrudgingly came together to spark a comeback with the film “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

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As you may know the film did in fact revive their careers and went on to be a huge hit, receiving five Academy Awards nominations and later a cult movie status.

As for Joan and Bette… well they still hated each other.

Seriously, how the f*ck does he keep coming up with this stuff!? I cannot wait!

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon battle it out Old Hollywood-style?

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