Ryan Reynolds Thanks Makeup Artist For Perfect Penis In ‘Deadpool’

Listen up all you thirsty thirsts, Ryan Reynolds is going full frontal nude in his upcoming film “Deadpool!”

I’ll give you a second to take that in… Okay that’s enough, ya nasty! Anyhoo, apparently Ryan’s packing perfection in the film and he’s thanking his makeup artist for making it a reality!

Ryan Reynolds Thanks Makeup Artist For Perfect Penis In 'Deadpool'

So I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, well if he’s thanking his makeup artist then he must be wearing a prostetic in the film!”


Well at least according to Reynolds, who said, “The only way to do that is just do it. We had a little talk with the crew at the beginning of the day and just said, ‘You’re going to see parts of the dance floor here that you weren’t ready for. I’m sorry in advance, but we’re all in this together.'”

The 39-year-old actor, whose wang makes it’s theatrical debut during a totally naked hand-to-hand combat scene, says his makeup artist Bill Corso is the one to thank for how amazing his junk looks on the big screen.

“He’s a genius and he made my penis look perfect,” Reynolds gushed (lol ew). “(He applied makeup) in places where no man needs to be with a paintbrush!”

Here’s my question: What the hell was going on with Ryan Reynolds’ wiener beforehand that called for a makeup artist’s touch?

Is this the beginning of some kind of penis contouring trend that I don’t know about?

Deadpool” hits theaters on Feb. 12! Will you be buying a ticket?

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