Shahs of Sunset’s Mike Shouhed Is Getting Divorced!

Shahs of Sunset” star Mike Shouhed is now free to put his dool where he likes… because he’s getting a divorce!

After only 8 months of marriage, Mike and his wife Jessica Parido are calling it quits.

Shahs of Sunset's Mike Shouhed Is Getting Divorced!

Jessica, who converted to Judaism for Mike, filed the legal paperwork on Friday and cited irreconcilable difference as the reason for their split.

It was obvious from the get-go that these two weren’t going to work out.

Mike is a total player and party animal, while Jessica hated his friends (the other castmembers of the show) and was so obviously there for the fame.

You know she was so trying her hardest to secure some kind of spin off, but I guess you can only fake it for so long.

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The couple got hitched earlier this year back in March, but apparently separated in August. And despite only being married for 8 months (technically 6 before separation), Jessica now wants full spousal support!

UPDATE: According to reports, Jessica doesn’t want a dime from Mike and wants to wash her hands of him completely! The spousal support request was apparently a mistake on her lawyer’s part.

Anyhoo, I guess we’ll just have to watch this whole thing play out next season! I personally can’t wait…

One thought on “Shahs of Sunset’s Mike Shouhed Is Getting Divorced!

  • November 24, 2015 at 10:35 am

    Publicity or real? She was such a baby!


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