Susan Boyle Has Airport MELTDOWN!

Susan Boyle has been hospitalized after suffering a MAJOR freak out at Heathrow Airport last night!

Reportedly, the “Britain’s Got Talent” star threw a huge tantrum for unknown reasons causing the airport staff to call the police.

Susan Boyle Has Airport MELTDOWN!

Law enforcement found Boyle having a meltdown in the British Airways lounge and ended up removing her against her will.

Apparently, London police were so concerned for her health that they took her to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation.

Oh the British… even their police are polite and caring. You know that shit would never happen in LA.

Anyhoo, Susan was released and is now recovering at home.

A rep for the singer released a statement saying Susan’s Asperger’s Syndrome was the cause of her public outburst.

Poor thing. Get well Susan.

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