Tamar Braxton Rushed To ER, Almost Misses DWTS!

Tamar Braxton was rushed to the emergency room today and because of it she almost got disqualified from Dancing With The Stars!

Earlier today, Tamar was taken to the hospital after becoming sick during dress rehearsal.

Tamar Braxton Rushed To ER, Almost Misses DWTS!

Braxton had apparently been fighting pneumonia for two weeks, but it all came to a head tonight hours before the show.

As per the strict rules of DWTS, if Tamar couldn’t make it to the taping she’d be kicked out just like Kim Zolciak was earlier in the season.

Luckily Tamar was able to make it to the set, but not in time to do her dance so the judges scored her based on the dress rehearsal footage.

“You just saw a person that shouldn’t have been here, and was here because she felt bad for her partner, teacher, you know, that’s why I feel really bad, because it shouldn’t be like that,” explained Braxton’s partner, Val Chermokovskiy.

“It should be a fun journey. I’m not here to make her life hard. We want to celebrate her effort.”

Their dance received a 22 out of 30, not terrible for rehearsal.

By the way, have you guys been watching this season? I’ve been checking in and out. Who do you want to win?

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