Taylor Swift Accused Of Ripping Off Artist

Taylor Swift, the almighty Defender of Artists’ Rights, is being accused of using an artist’s work without giving credit or compensation!

Artist Ally Burguieres is calling out Satan Swift for jacking an illustration she did of a fox and using it to promote her album 1989 on social media.

Taylor Swift Accused Of Ripping Off Artist

Burguieres wrote an open letter to Satan, exposing her for her misdeed and her team’s shitty attempt at trying to cover it all up.

Here are the highlights:

– After seeing her illustration posted on Satan’s social media accounts alongside music lyrics, Burguieres contacted Swift’s team.

– The team pulled down the post, but didn’t actually respond back to Burguieres for months.

– Apparently, Team Swift offered her a 4-figure payment where they would give her no credit for the illustration, BUT (and here’s the kicker) the stipulation was that Burguieres would be required to donate the entire payment!

– Burguieres GOES IN in the last paragraph saying, “I have no ill will towards you, and I appreciate the theoretical virtue of your stance as a defender of art and intellectual property. I simply hope to see your actions fall more in line with the values you claim to hold.”

Check out the full letter below:

Taylor Swift Accused Of Ripping Off Artist

Watch in the next week or so we’ll see his artist on stage with Swift, proclaiming how great she is and how good of friends they are.

If Hot Off The Mess disappears forever after I post this you’ll, know why…

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