Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Have SPLIT!

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are officially calling it quits on their 3 month relationship!

It’s being reported that the split was amicable, but insiders claim that it was Taylor who “put the brakes on the relationship.”

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From the very start, Tom and Taylor were VERY public with their love (remember those “candid” beach photos). But just two weeks ago Taylor was seen totally Tom-less in NYC.

So what went wrong? Well, sources (obviously from Taylor’s team) say it was all Tom’s fault.

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“Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with,” reveals the insider. “Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection but Tom didn’t listen to her concerns when she brought them up.”

Oh yeah, I’m sure it was ALL Tom and had nothing to do with Taylor’s obsession with having a perfect (and prominent) image in the press. *eye roll*

The source adds that Tom is “embarrassed that the relationship fizzled out.”

What do you think caused the break up? Who do you think is more fame-hungry?

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