Taylor Swift Is ‘Obsessed’ With Beating Rival Katy Perry

Taylor Swift is slowly taking over the world, killing off the careers of those who don’t want to play nice or join her “squad.”

But there’s one bitch in the game who she is obsessively concerned with destroying… her arch rival Katy Perry!

Taylor Swift Is 'Obsessed' With Beating Rival Katy Perry

According to reports, Swift wants more No. 1 hits off a single album than Perry and she’s doing everything in her power to do so.

“She wants seven No. 1s,” reveals an industry source. “Katy tied Michael [Jackson]’s record for having five No. 1s from a single album, and Taylor wants to beat Katy. She wants to be the greatest.”

Their feud is quite the long story and involves everything from stealing back up dancers to a dancing shark.

Last October, Taylor charmed media and radio promoters with intimate listening sessions at her Tribeca apartment before releasing her album, “1989.”

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Her hopes were to grease the wheels and make sure that everyone was on her side… clearly it worked.

“She knows all the radio execs by name and how to work a room,” said the source.

So do you think this evil genius will pass up Katy Perry with more No. 1 hits? Do you think she might be a little too competitive?

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