Taylor Swift Wasn’t Invited To Kendall Jenner’s Party!

Awkward! Last night Kendall Jenner threw a huge birthday bash in LA and everyone was there… well except for everyone’s obligatory BFF Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift Wasn't Invited To Kendall Jenner's Party!

Jenner was celebrating her 20th birthday at Hollywood hot spot The Nice Guy with friends and family, but her supposed friend was nowhere to be seen.

Kendall and Taylor may not be attached at the hip, but they definitely run in the same circles and have hung out backstage at Taylor’s concerts.

Even fellow #Squad bitch, Gigi Hadid, got an invite to the party! You know Satan Swift was fuming about that!

So what’s a passive aggressive, control freak to do?

She stopped googling her name, tossed her cats aside and went out for some dinner… a block away from Kendall’s party.

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Yupp, in an attempt to outshine the Kardashian shindig and possibly to make a public point, Taylor dined down the street at The Little Door.

Rumor has it Taylor banished Kendall from the #Squad a while back because the singer thought Jenner was getting too close to her ex Harry Styles.

But even though they’re not super close, you know Taylor’s one of those girls that gets personally offended when she’s not invited to everything.

Good luck Kendall, she’s coming for you.

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