The Amy Winehouse Documentary Will Break Your Heart (Trailer)

The Amy Winehouse Documentary Will Break Your Heart (Trailer)Oh Amy…

The Amy Winehouse documentary “Amy” made it’s debut this week at the Cannes Film Festival and the reviews are in… it’s a masterpiece!

No, I haven’t seen it yet. Not unlike a woman wearing flats, there’s no way they’d let me into Cannes.

But, the trailer has been released and reviews from the festival are overwhelmingly positive.

The film gives a behind the scenes look at the wild and at time sad life of one of the music industry’s most talented artists.

It will debut in the states July 10th and trust me, I will be the first one in line to see it.

Ugh, I miss Amy so much. She will forever be one of my favorite hot messes, right next to Anna Nicole Smith and Little Eddie Bouvier.

Check out the full trailer below…

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