Yolanda Foster Back With Ex Mohamed Hadid?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster may have split from her husband, but she won’t be spending the rest of the holidays alone.

The rumor around town is that Yolanda will spend Christmas with her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid!

Yolanda Foster Back With Ex Mohamed Hadid?

“Christmas will be bittersweet for Yolanda this year because of the impending divorce from David,” an source reveals. “Plus, she is no longer living in her Malibu dream house.”

“But Mohamed has a huge party on Christmas Eve, and Yolanda will be going. Christmas this year will be a much more low-key affair. However, Yolanda has been feeling stronger, and there is talk about them even going away for a few weeks with the kids.”

According to sources, Yolanda’s been having a rough time since the announcement of her and David’s split.

She’s worried about her future and new lifestyle. Not only is she living alone in David’s relatively small condo, but she really has no source of income besides her Bravo check.

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However, if she was to return to Mohamed, money would be no issue as he is super f*cking loaded.

But unfortunately for the Bravolebrity, the source confirms that Mohamed is still “happily engaged” to model Shiva Safai.

So Yolanda’s really going to have to work it if she thinks she’s going to get back in to his life.

As for David, well the source reveals that “He is just happy to be single and on his own again. Yolanda required so much attention that he just couldn’t give her. It was never enough.”

One thought on “Yolanda Foster Back With Ex Mohamed Hadid?

  • December 16, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    Come on are you kidding. No way in hell Yolanda wants Mohamed back as husband or whatever. They are still very close and are great friends. He will always be there for her they have 3 children together. Also she is not broke at all.


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